Weekend portraiture practice marathon

The portrait sculpted over this weekend in ZBrush as a portraiture practice marathon . Started from a sphere as usual when I want to practice and move fast. The cloth was blocked in Marvelous Designer and then detailed in ZBrush. Rendered in ZBrush and composed in Photoshop. Cheers!

After someone asked, I created a short breakdown for the head cloth piece on ZbrushCentral. Also pattern used attached

ZBrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, PhotoShop


Sorin lupu black woman

Composed Image

Sorin lupu zgrab01

Zbrush ScreenShot

Sorin lupu 2015 04 06 10 30 59
Sorin lupu rim light
Sorin lupu right light
Sorin lupu left light
Sorin lupu top light
Sorin lupu bellow light
Sorin lupu front light